Baby’s things (i learn to write my post in english)

My friend asked me to made some baby’s thing for her friend. Her friend is going to give birth this october. So, i thought, this is the time for me to learn how to make a cardigan, or shirt or kinda that. I never made anything like that because i am affraid that i can’t finished it.
Then i started open my pattern books and found a cute and simple-to-follow cardigan pattern on cutest ever baby knits. I used ice yarn magic light blue and knit pro 4,5 mm circular needle.





For the complement, my friend asked me to make shoes, but baby shoes pattern for a boy is less variatif, so i decided to make socks :D. Well i am not confident at all to knit it, but when i opened 60 quick baby knits i found a socks pattern that simple and easy to follow. And thank God, i am succeed ( i think :D)



But there’s a tragedy and it’s because of my fault. I miscount the row then resulted that one of my sock is shorter than other. It’s difficult to fix it, so with broken heart, i threw the miscount sock to the bin, and starting a new one 😦
Most of all, i am so happy that i can develop my experience by doing this. Things that i used to think that it is too difficult for me.
Pattern will be easier when we start to do it and not just read it. Yeaayyy


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