You know, i am a new knitter (and an on-off crocheter, if i can say that way) :D. I’ve been learning (by youtube, books and ask some friends) about knitting. I never join a course for it. And it just because God is too good to me that i can survive knitting till now 😀 (my brain is as slow as pentium 2). This time i try to knit a lace shawl for the first time. I choose this pattern . Why? Because the edging is so beautiful (and i don’t even care if it is for beginner or not) ha ha!!!
For this lace, i used madelinetosh tosh merino posy. Because i just have 380ish (meter) so i choose to made a little one.
……and i’ve defeated…in the set up row…because of the garter. Ha ha ha!!!!
After try and try, i (seem like) understand and can made it just like the pattern’s want.


And after that successful efort (i think) i made 2 haruni again. I made from paton lace bon fire and alize watermelon

Yeaayy. Finally i made three lace shawls 😀


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